Ecuador Amazon Lodges

Galapagos Grand Odyssey

The Grand Odyssey combines luxury, privacy & comfort in the marvelous setting of the Galapagos Islands. M/Y Grand Odyssey has the capacity for 16 passengers, it features 8 spacious Galapagos & matrimonial suites (25m2 approx.) and 1 Odyssey Suite (35m2 approx.) equipped with panoramic windows to enjoy the wonderful landscapes of the island. Twin beds

Cotococha Amazon Lodge

Cotococha Amazon Lodge 3 days/ 2 nights Day 1 Arrival at the Lodge in the afternoon. After the long drive we can relax for a while in our beautiful spacious bungalow built in a rustic native design surrounded by gardens full of amazing jungle plants and flowers. A delicious dinner will be served in a

Sacha Lodge

Sacha Lodge 5 days/ 4 nights Day 1 Arrive at Sacha Lodge around 3:30 or 4:00 pm. Swim in Lake Pilchicocha, which is a black water lake home to many species of fish and animals. A refreshing swim after arriving may be just what you need after being in the equatorial heat all day. -Bird

Casa del Suizo

La Casa del Suizo is a tranquil Amazonian refuge located on the shore of Ecuador’s majestic Napo River and a stone’s throw away from the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains. Perched comfortably above the riverbank and the small Quechua Indian village of Ahuano, La Casa del Suizo overlooks vast expanses of the surrounding tropical

Siona Lodge

Siona Lodge is situated in one of the last unspoiled native jungles in the Amazon, the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve. Ecuador designated the 603.380 square kilometers (2,329.7 sq mi) as a protected wildlife zone since July 26th, 1979. This positive action towards the preservation of part of the Amazon River Basin has allowed us to develop

Establo de Tomas

Establo de Tomas is a lodge that is located by the Lupi and the Tena river. The lodge consists of typical cabins in the heart of the jungle that all have has comfortable bedrooms with private bathrooms. Tours that are organized are visiting native families, hiking to waterfalls and other adventurous activities. There is also

Hamadryade Lodge

Hamadryade Lodge 4 days/ 3 nights Day 1 Arrival at the Lodge: the first glance at the Lodge, after climbing a road through the Rainforest, will take your breath away. The view over the endless jungle and the Rio Napo will set the ambiance for your stay. In the afternoon, relax in our ozone treated

Jardin Aleman Lodge

GENERAL INFORMATION: The lodge El Jardin was opened in January 1996 and is surrounded by 330 acres of protected rainforest. Additionally, the Lodge protects 264 acres of primary rainforest on the banks of Napo River. The closed village to the hotel, 4 kilometers away, is Misahuallí. For a long time Misahuallí Village has seen the

Liana Lodge

Liana Lodge is located on the beautiful shores of the Arajuno river, a relatively quiet stream, which flows into the impressive Napo river. The lodge can be reached by private car or bus from Quito to Puerto Barantilla in about 6 or 7 hours, where a canoe will be waiting to bring you within 15

Cuyabeno Lodge

Cuyabeno Lodge is located in the Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve, an elaborate system of wild lagoons, river and flooded forest found in the North-Eastern Ecuador. It’s the only lodge in the Laguna Grande and the number one in the Cuyabeno Reserve. The reserve encompasses over 602.000 hectares of primary rainforest and boasts an incredible variety of